Venture Investments

Hodl Finance DAO primarily uses Market Making as a low-risk strategy that consistently generates profits. In addition to Market Making, Hodl Finance DAO will explore opportunities to invest in new and emerging crypto startups and projects.


At the heart of the venture part of Hodl Finance DAO is a commitment to innovation. The DAO is always seeking new ideas and opportunities, striving to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving Web3 space. Equipped with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to discern potential ventures and the necessary resources to support their endeavors toward success.

Why do we invest?

The DAO's community-driven approach empowers individuals to participate in decision-making and benefit from the success of supported ventures. As Hodl Finance DAO engages in venture investments, the community can indirectly benefit from these ventures through the DAO's use of proceeds to maximize its treasury. 

Democratizing Investments

Promoting equal access to investment opportunities fosters a fairer future while advancing the growth of Web3, resulting in a more decentralized and transparent digital landscape. By backing Web3 innovations, the DAO plays a vital role in cultivating this movement.

Buy backs of $HFD

The DAO's investments in high-potential startups and initiatives can yield significant profits. These returns can be utilized to repurchase $HFD from the open market, replenishing the Bonding treasury. This process enhances liquidity and allows $HFD's value to appreciate over time.

Apply to the DAO

To explore the possibility of joining Hodl Finance DAO, review the investment proposal to determine if you fulfill the eligibility requirements.

Investment Proposition