The Art of Market Making

Market Making keeps things moving. Discover the power behind the lightning-speed trading algorithms of Hodl Finance DAO.

Market Making Uncovered

Utilizing a High-Frequency grid and Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) algorithm guarantees profitable returns that will be used to buy back $HFD.

To improve overall transparency, community members can view the algorithms live on the DAOs dashboard, enabling them to see exactly what's happening in real time. 

The value of $HFD
$HFD holds significant value thanks to the strong backing of the DAO's treasury, providing a stable foundation for its worth. Additionally, the DAO is committed to consistently add more tokens to its Trading Treasury, enhancing the value proposition of the token even further.
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Ethereum $ETH
Binance $BNB
Quant Network $QNT
Solana $SOL
Arbitrum $ARB
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