Fueling blockchain innovation

An ecosystem that becomes more sustainable, more profitable, and more innovative, with every transaction.
Hodl Finance - Fueling Blockchain Innovation
Our ecosystem is designed to keep fueling innovative projects. Providing funding, community and expertise, for a range of forward-thinking ideas.
375 K
Backed by the Foundations Trading Algorithms and Treasury.
4 projects are currently incubating, or in the Hodl Finance pipeline.
14 K
Our innovation treasury holds $14,000 for innovative projects, voted on by our community.
The world's most accessible ecosystem
We believe everyone should benefit from the revolution in blockchain innovation. That's why we've built these key mechanisms into our ecosystem.
Get rewarded directly in your wallet.
In-wallet reflection mechanism.
To make Hodl Finance the easiest ecosystem to be part of, we implemented the reflection mechanism in our HFT token. This means you are rewarded for simply holding our token in your wallet, while also providing extra security by removing the need to connect to third-party websites.
To make Hodl Finance the easiest ecosystem to be part of, we implemented the reflection mechanism in our HFT token. For every HFT transaction made on the network, 2% of the value will be divided among HFT Hodlers. This means there is no need for staking, yield farming or liquidity providing to generate token rewards.
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Harness the power of algorithmic trading
Backed by our high-frequency trading algorithms
The core engine of our ecosystem is designed for sustainable profits. No big peaks and no big drops. Just continued growth by always accumulating more of the strongest tokens and coins in crypto.
We use our own battle tested high frequency trading algorithms to generate high volume low-profit trades on fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies. This way we keep accumulate more, to back our HFT token.
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Decide the future of our ecosystem
On-chain community governance

Our community is everything for us. That's why our organization is transparant to the core. All HFT Hodler can vote on the next steps of our ecosystem, ranging from voting on new trading pairs to new incubated project proposals.

Our governance system is centralized/decentralized by having a curator council in the middle. They vet the best project for the community to vote on.

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Incubating the best blockchain projects.
Our foundation is always on the lookout for the best projects in blockchain. We invite you to send in your ideas from Q2 2022.

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Upcoming projects
Our algorithmic trading
bot platform.
Bloody fights in a completely different world.
Space warriors on a mission
to the moon.
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