Making the Market

The first Market Making and Investment DAO creating community-driven liquid markets and opportunities within the crypto space.
A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) supported by Market Making algorithms. Providing liquidity and opportunity within the Web3 space.
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*When the smart contract and trading algorithms are deployed here
the Total Value Locked in the Trading Treasury, R&D Treasury,
and Bonding Treasury will be displayed.
Trading Treasury Value
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*When the trading algorithms are deployed here the Total Value Locked in the Trading Treasury will be displayed.
*When the trading algorithms are deployed here the number of trades made by the Market Making engine will be displayed.
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*When the smart contract is deployed here the percentage of the total supply of $HFD tokens that are locked in staking will be displayed.
The DAO mechanics
Leveraging a combination of Market Marking, Bonding, and Governance mechanisms to drive innovation within the DAO.

The Bonding Treasury fuels Market Making activities by gathering liquidity. With these funds, the Trading Treasury creates a stable and efficient global crypto market. Buying the bonding and investing in $HFD supports this effort.

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Market Making

Driving liquidity and stability, the Trading Treasury funds will be invested in fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies, actively managed by core contributors, and using proven grid and DCA algorithms for effective results in a volatile market.

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Token holders are empowered to improve the ecosystem through a proposal forum. Community members can start and engage in discussions that may lead to a Hodl Finance Improvement Proposal (HIP), subject to research approval. 

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Let's make the market together!

Don't wait any longer, be part of Hodl Finance DAO, the first decentralized Market Maker.

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