Hodl Finance

Hodl Finance combines community governance and a transparent foundation to let you reap the benefits of our algorithmic trading bots.

Community Governed

Through community voting, you will be the final decision maker of Hodl Finance’s future. The community decides upon future innovations.

Algorithmic Trading

By combining trading algorithms with a unique smart contract, sustainable growth within the Hodl Finance ecosystem is possible.

Transparent Foundation

The Hodl Finance foundation is transparent in everything it does. The smart contract and algorithmic trading statistics are openly available in a customized dashboard.

Hodl Finance

Hodl Finance merges centralized and decentralized finance to create a sustainable ecosystem for constant innovation. By combining the best aspects of community governance and a transparent foundation, the growth of the community and ecosystem is ensured.

The HFT token is used to vote for governance proposals and gives you access to key benefits within our ecosystem. By keeping the tokens in your wallet you will be able to unlock the newest perks and features.

HFT Transactions

For every transaction 10% of the value is divided among the hodlers, liquidity pool and the foundation trading algorithms. This creates a self-sustaining ecosystem wherein the HFT token moves to the different stakeholders.

HFT Reflection

For every HFT transaction that is made on the network, 2% of the value will be divided among the HFT Hodlers. This means that long-term investors will benefit and help the community grow stronger.

The HFT liquidity pool

For every transaction 2% of the value is sent to the liquidity pool. A liquidity pool is a collection of funds locked in a smart contract. This is what makes the HFT token tradeable on decentralized exchanges.

The Hodl Finance Trading bots

What makes Hodl Finance unique is its foundation and trading algorithms. Therefore, 6% of the value of every transaction goes into our foundation wallet. Our foundation wallet will then divide the funds into multiple trading algorithms. This will generate returns for the whole community and fund the treasury.

The Hodl Finance treasury

The Hodl Finance treasury is filled based on the performance of the trading algorithms. Once the holdings of the foundation reach a new all-time high, the foundation wallet deposits the difference into the treasury.

The treasury will then buy back HFT tokens on the market which will generate more returns for Hodlers and and create scarcity on the market. The community then gets to decide how the treasury is spent by community voting. Anybody with a great idea that benefits our ecosystem, can submit a proposal.


The future of Hodl Finance will be determined by community proposals and voting. Until that time, we have a lot of great developments planned.

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